out on Kann

Respected Leipzig based multi-instrumentalist Panthera Krause arrives on KANN with New Age appeal! 

Delving into a more mysterious sound than the label is commonly known, the artist draws from the dark side of the pool, taking in Baltic choir inspirations, 80s cinema themes (Tarantino’s favourite) and lyrical GDR rock for good measure.
Produced in secrecy over the past 12 months, Krause gets in touch with his inner Stereolab by creating an enchanting new full length entirely on headphones. Drip fed to those close to him over the past year, he was convinced to share these ‘audiobooks’ to a wider audience, now resulting in: Aside The Aeons.
Adding almost only sounds from Korg M3R, Roland Aeorophon and a JX 03 synthesizer to the action - the record explores an unique musical universe and head trip for the astral plane.