Panthera Krause, our most favorite maverick of house, began his musical journey back in 2007 with his band Marbert Rocel, culminating in four albums on Compost Records that showcased his thrilling variety and unparalleled talent in the world of electronic music. After finishing his Studies of graphic Design at Bauhaus University Weimar his move to Leipzig opened up a new world of eclectic sound that inspired him to focus more on his own productions, resulting in energized, sanguinely tempered club tunes as something that comes just natural to this man, while broadening his stylistic spectrum to an unheard and absolutely thrilling variety. His releases on Live at Robert Johnson, Permanent Vacation and his own label Riotvan highlighted his lighthearted and groovy understanding of electronic music, earning him gigs from Burning Man Festival to Panoramabar and from Sunday Sunday to Robert Johnson. Pantheras live sets and DJ performances have been lauded for their passion and diversity, with recorded DJ sets for NTS Radio, HÖR, Groove Magazin, and Gilles Petersons Worldwide showcasing his unique style. Alongside Peter Invasion, he runs the Leipzig based label Riotvan where he released his first album back in 2019, It's a Business Doing Pleasure With You, hailed as the epitome of Krause-ness. With a range of remixes for Ätna, Jamiie, Kasper Bjorke to name just a few Panthera Krause continues to push boundaries and delight audiences worldwide with his innovative sound. His forthcoming „new-age-dark-pool-side-album“,how he calls it Aside The Aeons on Leipzigs Boutique Label number one; Kann in 2024 is a testament to his unique musical style and promises a new era for this talented artist.


Burning Man Festival, Nevada | Panoramabar, Berlin | Robert Johnson, Offenbach | Institut Für Zukunft, Leipzig | Corsica Studios, London | Le Batofar, Paris | Sunday Sunday, Mexico City | Alphabet Club, Tel Aviv | Nachtdigital Festival, Olganitz…

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